About Elo-Pee Worldwide Television

ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION LTD has been producing various television programmes for broadcast on the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) stations, including NTA Network Service, NTA Channel 10 Lagos, NTA 2 Channel 5 Lagos, NTA Plus Abuja, NTA Abuja and NTA International since incorporation on 19th January 1990.

Through the years, ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION LTD has consistently been dedicated to serving the local community with moral, ethical and outstanding content, which has gained the admiration and support of the local community and Nigeria as a whole.


The objectives of ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION are to build quality Programming for Nigeria, Africa, and the World and to empower viewers with life-saving information.

Our goals include:

  1. Expand our business further into all parts of Nigeria, Africa, and the World.
  2. Increase our advertising budget.
  3. Expand our mix of local news, sports, and weather.
  4. An increase of 60% in our gross margins by year end 2018.


ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION is committed to providing Abuja residence and indeed Nigeria with the best in Programming. We shall offer programmes that will empower both residence in the urban areas and the grassroots. We shall also be reaching the needs of our viewers with great educational programmes as well with a mix of local news, weather, and sports. The mission of ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION is to be the world best rallying point for television, film and entertainment both to governments and private sectors worldwide. This we achieve through consistent and effective utilization of our knowledge and technology to facilitate the development of television, film, and entertainment for sustainable economic growth worldwide and to foster an enduring partnership with our clients.

Keys to Success

Keys to success for ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION are:

  • ¬†Reaching the needs of our viewers.
  • Increasing programme mix of news, sports, and weather.
  • Increasing advertising in our target markets.
  • Creating an atmosphere of integrity and ethics.

Company Summary

ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION is a Television programme production and broadcasting company, committed to providing Abuja residence and indeed Nigeria, with the best in Programming,

Our vision is to be the most efficient and highly respected television, film and entertainment organization worldwide.

The values of ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION has been leveraged on customer-friendly service, sustained by relevant technology to remain a dominant force in television, film, and entertainment worldwide. Our values, which make us stand out as professionals, are anchored between seven core values which include Innovation, New Opportunities, Viability, Excellence, Sustainability, Transparency, and Success.

We guarantee our clients that we will meet and exceed their service needs and standards due to our high level of professionalism which is our core value. With great creativity, we are constantly innovating to delight our clients. We have maintained a consistent culture of excellence to attain superior client service at all times. With these values, we ensure our service delivery is truly in a class of its own.

The Founder, President/CEO of ELO-PEE WORLDWIDE TELEVISION is ANGELO PETER I. ELOSIA, MBKS who has over 35 years experience in broadcasting.


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